Block Party Club started as a class based on the book Block Party at Quiltmaker in Napa, CA. Since the closure of the shop, the group has continued as a modern version of the quilting bee. Each month, a club member selects a pattern or inspiration, fabric, and everyone makes a block or two. One block per month = one quilt for a member. This group encourages improvisation, creativity and fun!


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  1. I am looking for the pattern for the wonky star quilt that was posted on June 8, 2012…..can you help me out???

    • Hi– There is no pattern for the entire quilt. We each made a block and Gail sewed them together. We each used different combos of three star sizes using this tutorial: http://www.sewmamasew.com/2013/01/wonky-star-block-tutorial/ Some of us used each size of star, others used just one or two sizes. We just moved the stars in different positions. Her quilt is 4 by 5 blocks – I can’t remember if her blocks were made smaller than the one in the tutorial, but I think so.

  2. Well, the finished size of each star is half the size of the next larger, 3.75, 7.5, 15. So if you size down the large one to say, 12″ finished (4.5″ square pieces), medium is 6″ finished (2.5″ square pieces), and small is 3″ finished (1.5″ square pieces). Does that help? The overall block would be 16″ finished.

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