Raw Edge Confetti vs. Pieced Confetti

Last month, Caroline distributed fabric to make confetti blocks, but she discovered when making a pieced sample that she could get a similar look just by raw-edge appliquéing the confetti pieces onto the background. She asked us to leave a ¼” raw edge, so the material would fray in the wash.

Caroline's Confetti Sample
Caroline’s Confetti Sample

I took a creative step and overlapped some of the pieces. She had some precious scraps of an elephant batik to highlight.

Carol's raw-edge confetti

Claudia took a creative leap and created a circus scene, with the elephant teetering off a platform.Claudia's confetti block

Overall, I think Caroline will be pleased with everyone’s contributions.all confetti blocks

This month Jaime asked us to make a pieced confetti block, using a white background. Her sample though used a gorgeous Moda Solid (not Bella). We’re all looking in our stashes for more “Solids by Moda” taupe, because she doesn’t have enough to finish her quilt. Each square takes a fat quarter.

Jaime's Confetti Sample
Jaime’s Confetti Sample

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